Success Stories

Difference between hard worker and Smart Worker

Here is the short story that will differentiate between hard work and smart work – There was a jungle, and lots of woodcutters were employed to cut the trees. On an average every woodcutter was managed to cut around 10 trees per day and there are some who manage to cut around 12 in day if work for extended hours. But there is one exception to all of them, there was one woodcutter SAM, among them who manages to cut around 15 trees per day without any overtime, and he seems to enjoy most of his work and at the end of the day he was never look tired. The contractor was very happy with SAM’s work and often scold others for the lack of their productivity. All other woodcutters were quiet envious about this man. However hard they try, they never able to cut 15 trees in a day. Some of them decided to consult SAM to ask him about his efficiency and energy. They all went to SAM and requested him to reveal his secret. SAM with a smile asked all of them, When did you sharpened your axe last time? All of them are replied, they never sharpened their axe since purchase. SAM replied there lies a difference, I spent around 2-3 hour on sharpening my axe and they go for cutting the trees. This way I will manage to cut 15 trees in 5 hours only, whereas you are cutting trees without sharpening your axe which is taking lot of energy as well as time.

I think from this story you can easily find out who is working smarter and who is harder. So, when did you last sharpened your axe?