Data Processing

Data Processing


AGC provides the best invincible digital data processing services to the business globally by extracting relevant raw data from various sources and processing it into an easily comprehendible and machine readable content. We provide complete data processing, including collection, conversion and digitization in a seamless manner. Our team of data experts delivers highly effective and efficient output which includes services like form processing, data entry, data cleansing, insurance claim processing, credit card processing, data conversion, etc. These services lead to tactical business insights leading to facilitate major business decisions

Since the data grows continuously in huge amount, it becomes difficult to manage big data alone by the businesses and makes them vulnerable to hire costly software and professionals to handle data processing. Moreover, our digitized data processing services also help our clients in overcoming other challenges like data collection, duplication of data, inconsistency of data, data integration, data storage, etc. You can get better results at reduced TAT with our data processing services which helps eliminate the risk of deteriorated business decision due to unorganized data.

We have been delivering our automated data processing services to various industries like e-commerce, hospitality, automotive, healthcare, insurance, digital marketing and banking & finance. AGC is a leading data processing service provider which uncovers the true potential of your data leading to business value and improved operational efficiency. We offer well suited processing services to the business needs, to wide network of B2B and B2C clients all over the globe.

Data Entry Services


  • laptop
    Forms processing – Many companies involve high number of form processing of hand-written format on daily basis which becomes extra laborious for the business.  By outsourcing AGC’s form processing service, we can help you cut down the costs and increase business potential. Some of the many forms that we process are listed down below.

    • Survey forms
    • Subscription forms
    • Order forms
    • Insurance claim forms
    • Health claim forms
    • Membership forms
    • Application forms, etc

  • Period-Reporting
    Data management services – We deliver the best data management services by converting the raw data to complete information of better understanding. We incorporate all the functions related to data processing like ingesting, storing, organizing and maintaining the data, which is collected from various sectors of an organization. AGC deals in all sectors of data management services like below.

    • Data entry
    • Data mining
    • Data analysis
    • Data conversion
    • Rectify data irregularities
    • Updating old and obsolete data
    • Identifying & deleting dupe records
    • Data validation

    Data cleansing

  • Accounts-Receivable
    Transaction processing – Outsourcing your transaction processing can help streamline your business processes, giving you more time to work on your company’s core competencies and the satisfaction of your clients. Our latest transaction processing software provides the best result to various clients like below.

    • Claim processing
    • Order processing

  • Cost-Accounting
    Credit card processing – We provide best suited services to our clients from all spheres in credit card processing. AGC aids the businesses manage consumer and commercial credit accounts more efficiently. We provide services like.

    • Billing services
    • Online credit card processing
    • Account execution
    • Handling of customer queries
    • Online data entry

  • web-design
    Image processing – We deliver custom fit, image processing needs of clients by first understanding their business requirements. We aid in providing business the opportunity of growth by delivering our services in any format needed. Some of the image processing services include:

    • Image editing
    • Image enhancement and retouching
    • Background editing
    • Color correction
    • File type conversion, etc.

Data Processing

Why Us

  • Cost effective services – In today’s economy, data processing is a costly proposition, which is why we offer our customers our expert knowledge in the services and the best quality and data integrity at an affordable rate. AGC provides reliable data processing services to help curb down the costs incurred to the business in hiring high salaried data professionals and the increasing cost of infrastructure.
  • Maximum accuracy – Our highly experienced staff commits to provide maximum accuracy with latest tools and software, while processing data for it clients. Thus, it helps the data analysts in better business understanding and insights, leading to business goals.
  • Experienced workforce – AGC has experts with profound experience in operating in different verticals. Therefore, our clients get an outsourcing data conversion service of seamless quality and according to their business needs with compliance to data security.
  • Reduced TAT – Our clients save sufficient time through our services which can be utilized for operating on other core functions of business. We help minimize the turnaround time in data processing by engaging skilled professionals and latest technology.

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