Data Entry Services


Data Entry Services

Allied Global Consulting is a world leader in providing accurate, reliable, and fast online and offline data entry services that help to leverage the right information in the right context.  We specialize in entering and collating data and provide our effective services like image data entry, online data entry, offline data entry, data cleansing, catalog data entry, documents data entry, forms & bills data entry, online data capture, survey data entry, etc. We provide our automated and manual data entry services to various industries like healthcare, accounts & finance, e-commerce, education, utilities, government, etc.

Although data entry is regarded as one of the easiest processes in the business functions but it is the most critical task which involves high levels of accuracy and concentration of data entry operators to ensure data consistency and data integrity. There are several hurdles involved in the process of data entry like the high cost of hiring data entry staff and cost of error correction, accuracy, slower TAT, human boredom, etc, which we help overcome with the use of latest software, technologies and experienced workforce.

We offer all sized businesses with the tools and expertise that the top enterprises use like text or word processor, spreadsheet, database package, statistical package or dedicated data entry system.  With our complete know how of data entry processing we help in transcribing data, updating customer information, entering accounting records, etc into an electronic medium in the most efficient and accurate way. By taking advantage of our dedicated teams, you not only deliver your customers with more refined and flawless services but also enable your business to grow in the conductive environment.

Data Entry Services


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    Image data entry – Our expert workforce is highly experienced in extracting accurate details from its sources from an array of formats like GIF, BMP, PDF, JPG, etc. We provide various Image data entry services like

    • Image capturing
    • Image editing
    • Image conversion
    • Image indexing
    • Image scanning
    • Image data entry for catalog
    • Image editing. etc

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    Online data entry – AGC helps in maintaining and keeping clients databases up-to-date, with complete accuracy. We, at AGC provide specialized services like

    • Online data copy, paste, edit, sort & index
    • Online data entry forms
    • Online data entry for insurance & medi-claims documents
    • Online data entry for books
    • Online content conversion
    • Online entry for receipts & bills, etc.

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    Offline data entry – We provide our customized data entry services for offline data for businesses by organizing it into a database which generates meaningful information. We provide the output according to client’s requirement and choice of format. We deliver a wide range of service including the following.

    • Offline data collection
    • Offline data entry into databases
    • Offline data capture for tax forms
    • Offline entry of business cards, product catalogs, e-books
    • Offline entry of medical records & insurance claims
    • Offline entry of data in MS Excel and MS word
    • Conversion of offline data to another format
    • Offline entry of invoices, receipts, and bills

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    Data cleansing – Our expert workforce helps in detecting and rectifying false and inaccurate data from a database which leads to right decision making. We sincerely follow routine auditing to monitor the data and check for errors and its solutions. We provide many cleansing services like below.

    • Data duplication
    • Data enrichment
    • Data correction
    • Data audit
    • Data sorting, etc

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    Documents data entry – Our data entry specialists can extract and enter information from a wide range of documents, and offer assistance to our clients in the process of converting them to the desired format. We provide data entry services to all kinds of documents like.

    • Legal documents
    • Business documents
    • Financial documents
    • Foreclosure documents
    • Housing documents

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    Forms & bills data entry – We offer invoice data entry services that can be customized to meet your needs. We provide an array of forms and bills data entry services, some of which are listed below.

    • Purchase order data entry
    • Sales & transactions data entry
    • Retail invoice data entry
    • Commercial invoice data entry
    • Tax invoice data entry
    • Credit/ debit memo data entry, etc.

Data Entry Services

Why Us

  • Cost Efficient – With our expert data entry operators, our clients save on costs incurred in hiring in-house data entry staff. Moreover we constantly keep finding out efficient and cost effective ways provide our clients with the best suited output.
  • Accuracy – We’re steeped in the culture of data and ensure complete accuracy while processing data entry, which otherwise may mislead and confuse the data analysts leading to disoriented business goal.
  • Security – AGC ensures complete security by compliance to ISO 9001 & ISO 27001. We constantly update security measures so that data privacy of our clients is never compromised at any point.
  • Advanced technology – With experienced maintenance and constant upgrades, our servers and networks are always the latest and best. We pride ourselves on using up-to-date technology to meet your needs.