Data Scraping

Data Scraping


Allied Global Consulting uses ingenious programs and tools for data scraping by importing obtaining large amount of huge data from a website into a spreadsheet, local file or database for an array of digital businesses that depend on data harvesting. We utilize exclusive tools and technology in our data extraction process which comprises of data mining, data mining, data processing, data transformation and data loading. We provide varied data scraping services like web data extraction, database extraction, image extraction, document and PDF data extraction, E-commerce data extraction and social media extraction.

The biggest challenge in data scraping is IP blocking, which becomes a barrier for businesses in accessing the data, hence our team of experts comes to the aid since they have complete understanding of target website detecting a high number of requests from the same IP address. To overcome such a challenge we use different IPs to request. Moreover our data analysts also help in standardization of data which is collected through different HTML codes and websites. AGC provides the leading solution for data extraction in this highly competitive technological world to varied sectors like healthcare, banking, financial sectors, e-commerce, insurance, etc.

We help us clients in providing web scraping through AI powered tools to derive a valuable business insight and also to track a competitor’s complete digital footprint. We deliver best web scrapping services by using the latest scraping tools to collect unstructured data sets from various websites with regards to competitors, pricing, inventory, market trends, business contact details, etc., and compile it in a suited file format. Since the volume of data to be extracted from million of sources is an overwhelming task, we help in extracting the right data needed for our clients in the shortest turn-around time.

Data Scraping


  • laptop
    Web data scrapping – Our expert technicians help in scrapping consumer, market, and competitor data from primary and secondary online sources and then organizing the data into manageable file. We also extract meta-data information from websites that leads to the required information needed by our clients.
  • Catalogue-processing
    Database extractionAGC provides organized data to its clients through varied databases and database formats, by using specialized scripts. We compile and index the data into the desired choice of format for our clients.
  • Catalogue-content
    Document and PDF data extractionWe help in scrapping comprehensive data from an array of documents formats like PDFs, Excel sheets, etc., in getting the required information you need, making the data readily available for use in any required format desired.
  • ecommerce
    E-commerce data scrapping We make use of latest web scraping tools like Octoparse while extracting data from e-commerce website for gaining a better insight into the product competition.
  • Social-media
    Social media scrapping – We assist our clients to transform the raw data extracted from various social media platforms like facebook, linkedIn, instagram, etc, into valuable information and to predict future trends, evaluate competitors, enhance user engagement, etc., that allows businesses to streamline their brand reputation.
Data Scraping

Why Us

  • Customer satisfaction – AGC is aligned to meet our client’s requirements by customizing our methods and ensure the output generated is best suited to our client’s unique preferences. Moreover we ensure complete security and quality by being compliant to ISO 9001 & ISO 27001.
  • Accuracy – AGC’s automated data extraction software provides completely accurate results from unlimited range of sources including databases, images, documents, and websites, etc. All of our data is subject to multiple levels of quality assurance so we can ensure its accuracy.
  • Time efficiency – By utilizing our expert data extraction services, businesses save their valuable time by using it for more productive core activities which otherwise would be wasted in learning how to use latest data extraction software or learning how to extract the right data from millions of sources, etc. Moreover our efficient and effective techniques provide our clients with desirable results at reduced TAT.
  • Easily shareable– Along with providing the data needed, we also compile and index the data in an easily shareable database so that business activities can be carried out instantly by giving access to the information needed by staff.

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