About Us


In the current landscape where businesses are heavily reliant on technology, most of our activities leave a digital trace in some way or another. Operating globally, we follow a transparent and customer centric approach in providing our highly digitized, cloud based solutions. AGC has a team of professionals who are passionate about digital transformation, boosting corporate valuation and optimizing customer service for businesses globally.

With strong technological expertise, we cover all development and infrastructure needs of small, midsized and large organizations. We provide the best digital conversion services and believe in quality work with reduced TAT and maximum accuracy.

Both, legacy and real-time data needs interpretation, this is where we come into action and provide one of the best technical solutions available in the market. Our company is committed to creating smarter, better, and more efficient solutions to address our clients’ demands, challenges, and requirements.

About Us

Quality & Security

AGC incorporates efficient cyber-security and privacy in providing digitized data-driven solutions. As a leading BPO service provider we are completely HIPAA compliant and ensure complete security to our client’s customer centric data to help maintain and build trust in brand. Data security, such as encryption, hashing, tokenization, and key management practices, is a top priority for all of us across all applications and platforms AGC understands the importance of data security hence while handling sensitive data like SSN no., we do a breakdown of processing so that no data is compromised. We, at AGC lay huge emphasis on infrastructure security. Our guarded premises have office access through biometrics. Moreover we exercise physical security at the processing floor by having no access to mobile phones, system lock when idle, ID keycard entry systems at the doors, adequate spacing between workstations, etc.

We also provide a platform with RPA (Robotic Process Automation), eliminating the risk of human errors and discrepancies and assuring high quality solutions given to our clients. Moreover we are committed to TAT in providing highly up-to-date digitized solutions to our clients. AGC has a holistic approach to quality management resulting in an organized work environment.  Allied Global Consultant measures the condition of data based on factors like accuracy, completeness, consistency, reliability and whether it’s up to date.

About Us

Why Us

At AGC, we ensure absolute confidentiality and data privacy and guard our customer concerns over data breach.  We follow some practical approach to data security by not discussing or sending client data over internet, by storing the data in an encrypted format, by not leaving the client data unattended, having an intruder alarm system in the office for added security, etc.

We stay abreast of the latest technology and industry trends by employing our resources with high expertise. AGC provides tailored solutions to the businesses’ needs like digitization, data processing, product listing, cataloguing, social media marketing, claim management, content marketing, etc, which otherwise if maintained in-house will be an added cost to the business.

Allied Global consultants help leverage a company’s data, integrate digitized solutions and later get access to valuable business insights leading to improved decision making capabilities for our clients. We harness the power of data and technology and help our clients to transform traditional business models into digital business models.

We understand that time is a critical factor for any business; hence we deliver services at a faster TAT and with maximum accuracy. Quality is never compromised from our end while processing our client’s data. We make sure to deliver quality results to our clients before deadlines.