Since many enterprises often struggle with their raw data and extract only a small fraction of value from it, we at AGC help in bringing digital intelligence to businesses and derive new opportunities from it. Our team of experts combines the latest in image acquisition and image enhancement technologies and convert documents into digitized files that can be stored, accessed, retrieved and edited when required. These digitized documents can also be easily incorporated into document management systems.

AGC specializes in high-end OCR services like OCR clean-up, document digitizing, document scanning, microfiche scanning and conversion and OCR conversion. We provide machine encoded text by converting virtually any format of image containing handwritten, printed or typed text like scanned document, a photo of a document, a scene-photo, etc. Moreover we format the data in an easily retrievable file that can be stored in a digitized structure.

Allied Global Consulting provides best OCR services available in the market. By delivering cost-effective, secure, and regulatory-compliant solutions, our experienced professionals stand out from the rest. Our experienced techs have deep understanding of text preprocessing and normalization techniques, such as tokenization, POS tagging, parsing, etc and ensure maximum accuracy in delivering digital solutions while leveraging your document data. Hence in order to avail the highly optimized services at AGC contact us for all your digital needs.



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    Clean-up services – Since errors are unavoidable during any OCR process, OCR clean-up services becomes of utmost importance in order to rectify misread errors, minimize data loss and retrieve data. AGC uses the latest in technology for its OCR clean-up services to ensure improved readability and superior quality. Hence OCR service is extremely vital to minimize data entry errors and is a faster data capture option than keystrokes.
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    Document digitizing – We provide the best document digitizing services by translating manual documents into digital formats like text, html, xml, pdf, doc, xls, gif, jpeg or tiff. Our data digitizing services help our clients with easy storage, easy retrieval, easy access, etc which id done manually would be a great hassle for the company. AGC follows efficient digitizing process where we identify customer needs, collect and align data, scan documents, digitize paper documents, organize in separate or combined files, and delivered after quality check.
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    Document scanning – AGC provides the best affordable and high quality document scanning services to avoid the loss of stored data on paper. We deliver the best results by organizing the documents to make scanning fast and easy, monitoring and adjusting large and small data for best image capture, and analyzing clarity and accuracy by our quality assurance team.
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    Microfiche scanning & conversion – Our microfiche scanning & conversion services help eliminate the huge cost involved in maintaining bulky microfiche equipment.  Our microfiche scanning services can help you make the transition from microfiche to digital images seamlessly. Digitizing your data through AGC does away with the scanning and conversion issues typically associated with Microfiche rolls.
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    OCR conversion – By outsourcing our OCR conversion service, our clients free themselves from the hassles of converting their OCR data into required file format and the process of hiring dedicated software. The OCR technology we use is used to clean up data and discern between symbols, layouts, languages, and font styles to capture and present business data electronically.

Why Us

  • Experienced technicians – We have the best technicians having an expertise in various types of OCR like Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), etc. We also have complete understanding of different OCR software like ABBY OCR. Our unique team of OCR experts is equipped to help out with OCR projects of any size, language or complexity.
  • Time & cost efficient – We save time and cost for the businesses by providing services by our certified consultants in integrating captured OCR data with any back end system with the aid of RPA tools, which if maintained in-house would be an added cost incurred to enterprises.
  • Improved data utility and accuracy – We provide the best OCR services that can make your documents readable and increase the utility of your data. AGC enhances the accuracy factor even on low-quality documents. With the increase in the accuracy of data, our clients get precise answers to their queries.
  • Maximized productivity – AGC operates on the best cloud based OCR software which instantly scans all your paper-based documents/records and ensure to convert them into a suited electronic format. These documents can be fully converted into editable ones and the images are automatically saved into multiple usable formats. The OCR services will also facilitate effective distribution, management, and streamlining of the documents resulting in maximized productivity.

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