Data Conversion

Data Conversion


The need for data conversion arises due to frequent business changes like mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures or system upgrades, leaving behind inconsistent data of no value to the business anymore. As the leading provider of data conversion services, we help our clients overcome this dire situation by transferring data between silos, formats or systems which is more business relevant. We excel in translating data in a custom format which caters to
business needs by providing various migration services like OCR scanning, PDF conversion, XML conversion, e-book conversion, document conversion, document digitizing, etc.

Despite the challenges involved, data conversion holds a great importance in data management to prevent data loss or corruption by maintaining the integrity of the data. AGC provides automated digitized data conversion solutions to overcome traditional data conversion processes which are manually intensive, extremely costly, time consuming, and have data accuracy issues. Our data conversion experts help our clients overcome the hurdles of data conversion like poor knowledge of source data, not validating the implementations, lack of
collaboration, lack of proper tools and expertise, etc.

We extract the data from the source, transform it, and loads it into the required system based on a set of criteria. AGC workforce adheres to the data conversion strategy by constructing a proper roadmap to plan the conversion from legacy system to the new platform, checking the compatibility factor with the new environment, creating backups, establishing a migration time
frame, audit and document every step involved, quality testing and validation of results. Thus at AGC, we deliver compatible solutions through our latest conversion tools and procedures in a jiffy by extracting valuable insights from the data leading to data-driven decision making.

Data Conversion


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    OCR scanning – AGC provides the best in OCR services for digitized data conversion with maximum accuracy and integrity. Our ABBY experts are equipped to help out with automated conversions of any size, language or complexity. Moreover we operate on the best cloud based software to deliver faster data conversions into required format.
  • web-design
    PDF conversion – We help global businesses in converting files to high-quality PDFs which is one of the most commonly used digitized file formats for electronic information exchange. With the help our OCR technology, we extract text from the files and we manually arrange files and rectify the errors giving the best PDF conversion results.
  • Social-media
    XML conversion – We provide conversion of XML files from various formats like TEXT, HTML, PDF, JPEG, etc. We provide the best XML conversion services with quality and integrity maintained at an affordable rate.
  • PPC-management
    E-book conversion – E-book conversion is not only economical to the industry but is also easy to use, store and distribute. We provide conversion facility for printed material and electronic material with best suited formatting parameters like paragraphs, margins, page numbers,
    headings, etc
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    Document conversion – AGC offers conversion of non-structured documents into a standard format. We include a blend of ICR and OCR technology for best digitized output, saving cost and time for our clients. We offer document conversion from any format like CD, DVD, manuscript or printed material to PDF, DOC, TIFF, HTML, XML MS WORD, etc
  • PPC-management
    Document digitization – We provide highly accurate document automation services by converting huge volume of data into digital format. Our highly experienced staff convert manual documents like texts, images, video, business cards, etc into digital formats like TEXT, HTML, XML, PDF, DOC, XLS, GIF, JPEG or TIFF. We deliver the best results with complete customer
    satisfaction by understanding our client’s needs
Data Conversion

Why Us

  • Reduced TAT

    Our advanced software technologies and expert technicians have the ability to handle large volumes of data and converting it into required format at reduced TAT with consistency and reliability.

  • Cost efficiency

    We provide our expert digitized conversion services at an affordable rate which otherwise would be an added cost incurred to the businesses by maintaining in-house resources.

  • Experienced workforce

    Our team is highly skilled at handling technical issues and other challenges to transit one file format to another with complete accuracy and integrity of data. We provide spectrum of data conversion solutions for various industries.

  • ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 complaint

    AGC follows strict guidelines of ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 thereby assuring quality and customer satisfaction along with safeguarding and maintaining the confidentiality of the client’s data while data conversion and data processing