Since the advent of technological revolution, being digitized has become the need of the hour, even for the government organizations to function better. Thus AGC comes into action by providing its streamlined digital solutions to the government agencies like finance & accounting services, document processing, data capture, document scanning & imaging, document storage and retrieval. Our experienced professionals’ help in rendering cloud based solutions to the governmental agencies and making them focus on their core functions for welfare of residents. It is most important for AGC to protect data and to maintain data privacy when functioning for the government and when using data involving the public.

AGC serves as a savior in overcoming one of the major challenges faced by government agencies in data management which is scattered data. The vast amount of data is rarely possible to locate since the data is not accessible digitally and even if digitized records are maintained, access is mostly not standardized as stored in organizational silos. We save time and cost of the organizations by providing technologically advanced solutions which otherwise would be an added cost to maintain in-house resources.

Our streamlined processes are not just meant to increase efficiency, but also to improve the lives of the citizens. AGC provides its best digital services in today’s post pandemic world where managing data to its full potential has become extremely critical for better decision and policy making by the government agencies.



  • Cost-Accounting
    Finance & accounting services – AGC renders its improvised digital financial services which help the governmental agencies focus on other core areas. We provide the best finance and accounting services like accounts payable, accounts receivable, to help the government serve the citizen more effectively and efficiently. AGC provides more cost efficient and accurate financial services by implementing latest digital solutions and lean, Six Sigma processes.
  • Catalogue-content
    Document processing –As the flow of data in government organizations is huge, we tend to deliver high quality services at a much reduced TAT. Our automated service like OCR ensures maximum accuracy and providing sensitive data regardless of the document type. We are able to handle millions of documents efficiently and in a timely fashion, providing you with the best services in the world.
  • laptop
    Data capture – Data collection is a costly and a time consuming task which van be simplified through our data capture service. Our experienced techs work on digital tools like OCR, ICR, BCR, etc, to organize and convert documents into easily accessible digitized formats for future reference. Since the government entities have various needs, we offer manual data entry as well as automated data capture process.
  • Catalogue-processing
    Document scanning & imaging – Document scanning and imaging is extremely important and is a laborious task involving high volume of microfilm, books, rare or fragile documents, or large-format documents. Hence in order to avoid the tedious back office task, it is recommended for government entities to take up our document scanning service, and keep their focus on other core activities. We are equipped with latest softwares and techniques to handle millions of documents ensuring complete data security and quality.
  • Catalogue-building
    Document storage & retrieval – AGC provides the best digitized archive service to the government agencies by providing improvised, automated storage solution. Moreover we serve as a better option in providing automated retrieval service which becomes immediately traceable and indexed in entirety.

Why Us

  • Reduced Cost – It makes good sense to outsource digital services to us in order to save money and offer efficient services to the taxpayers. By taking up our outsourced services, the local, state and federal government agencies can remove the burden of maintaining in-house resources.
  • Reduced TAT – AGC helps in providing the best digital solutions to the government clients at a much reduced turn around time and in a more organized order, as we have the latest technology and services in delivering the required digitized outcome.
  • Accessible data – By utilizing our digitized solutions, the government can get access to the data easily which otherwise is a big hurdle to locate, since the data is enormous and stored in inaccessible organizational silos. Thus it makes it easier for the governments to simplify delivery of public services and in operational efficiency.
  • Data security – At AGC, we ensure that the stringent security procedures are followed to protect customer’s extremely sensitive data from random data breach and unauthorized access. Our experienced professionals make sure that sensitive information like SSN is always processed in a broken down format and also no scanned document is taken outside the office facility, physically or through email and if has to be shared is send in an encrypted form. Moreover AGC has up-to-date backup and disaster recovery methods to ensure that no data is ever compromised or lost.

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